Kurrent USB Type-C Power Meter

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  • Accurate measurement of USB Type-C power flow and Clear, intuitive display
  • mAh (Milliamp Hours) - Measures the charge that your device has received
  • Amps - Measures the the current being drawn into your USB Device
  • Volts- Measures the volts being output from your power source
  • Simply plug in and use - no setup required, functions without interrupting charging

Stay Tuned In 
With the huge number of devices, cables and chargers that we rely on daily, it's important to know whether everything's performing as it should. This is especially true with USB Type-C which promises an exponential increase in charging capabilities and is being adopted by more and more of the top device manufacturers. 

The Important Information at a Glance 
The Kurrent Type-C Power Meter gives you the key measurements to assess your USB C products' charging performance: 

- Milliamp Hours (mAh): Measures power over time to tell you how much power your USB device has received in the time you've been charging. 
- Amps: Measures the current being received by your USB device in Amps 
- Volts: Measures the Voltage being output by your power source 

Ease of Use 
With a male and female end, simply plug the male end into your device and the cord into the other and the Kurrent USB Meter will begin displaying readings in real time. About the size of a small memory stick, the meter is lightweight and portable. Its cable free design means it doesn't create tangles or jumbles. 

Please note that the screen will not display any readings until a device and a power source are connected to either end.

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